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We are Located in the north of Italy, LECCO, 30 minutes from Milan. The Tobacconist a business that was founded back in 1965 and is now in its third generation.

From 2013 we are also online to service our clients worldwide, tabaccheriacorti.com

In Our shop as in this site you can find a large range of items, showing our passion about the World of smoking and much more.


References: Located in the center of the city, 30 minutes from Milan.

Tabaccheria Corti

Piazza XX settembre, 16

23900 Lecco



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Phone: 0039 0341.360363

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Since 1965 at a smoker service.

Specialized in smoker items. Inside you can see many Pipes, Lighter and we have also a walk in Humidor to keep our best selection of cigars! Come to visit us to discover our tobacco shop.

We are Official retailers of Castello, Dunhill and Some of the most sold brands, and here you can find what you are looking for about ‘pipe world’ and Lighter collector’


we can repair all kinds of pipes. Lighter. Just contact us to be help


Our tobacco shop, located in the central square of Lecco, the heart of the urban market for many years in the past, was taken over by our family in 1965, thanks to two aunts, my mother's sisters, and it has always been my little "playground".

Over the years the enjoyment and the curiosity for this activity have become real interest, and after having finished the military service, I decided to dedicate myself to the tobacco shop, transforming my childhood hobby into a real job. Since that time the interest and the desire to learn led me to create a small workshop where I repaired the lighters sold in those years: Ronson, Saffa and others.

During these years I was attracted by an object for me totally unknown and mysterious but relevant to my business: the "Pipe". In 1979, the desire of knowledge took me in Cucciago, in theworkshop of the "master" Peppino Ascorti, creator of the famous pipe “Caminetto”, the "whisker" one. I can rememember the meeting with this singular man like it was today: after introducing me to his family, his wife Paola and his sons Roberto and Pierangelo, he made me visit the company, which he called "laboratory"; after that tour he gave me an apron, telling me that if I wanted to sell i had to learn, understand, create.

So it was that after ten minutes I was beside his children, beginning what is called "internship" nowadays. Step by step, from a simple briar root piece, i saw the realization of the final object as if by magic; since that moment my interest in this area it has soared. An evening master Peppino came to me, took four cuvettes of twelve pieces each, filled them with pipes to his liking, gave them to me and told me that I was ready to start selling them.

Since that time the shop became a meeting point for passionate smokers, with a small workshop equipped of a lathe and a cleaner for maintenance and repair of pipes. I will always have to thank my friend Peppino, not only for our job relationship, but also for a real and deep friendship with his son Roberto.

In 1986, the granting of the Lotto game gave us an opportunity to a big change: the small shop was no longer sufficient and so, in 1989, we moved on the other side of the square in a larger shop, dedicating a part of the shop also to writing, becoming resellers of the best brands.

In 2000 the store has undergone a further improvement through a Walk-in / Humidor, a 15 sqm space dedicated to the perfect and proper storage and sale of the best cigars in the world.

Today, the shop offers everything that can serve any type of smoker, and not, by offering the most prestigious brands.

Ah .... important! The generation continues ... . our son Luca has joined our staff, contributing to the realization of this website, and many more ....

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