Your terms and conditions of use


1. Under Article. 5 DL 185/1999, the customer has the right to rescind the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation and without penalty.

2. In order to benefit of this right, the customer must send a comunication to Tabaccheria Corti, within 10 working days from the date of reception of the delivery. Such notice must be sent by a record delivery letter with acknowledgment of receipt addressed to:

Tabaccheria Corti - Piazza xx September, 16-23900 lecco (LC)

or by fax or email sent within the said period of 10 working days and followed by a record delivery letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Once we will have receveid such notice of withdrawal, our Customer Service will notify the customer instructions on how to return the goods, which must be received within 10 days from authorization.

3. The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

1. The law is reffered to product purchased in its entirety, it ca’t be possible to exercise the right just for a single part of the product.

2. By law, The shipping costs for returning the product are charged to the customer

3. The expedition, until the certificate of receipt in our warehouse, is under the responsibility of the customer;

4. If the goods are damaged during transport, Tabccheria Corti will inform the customer (within 5 working days from the reception of goods) to enable him to file a complaint against the courrierr and to obtain the refund of asset value (if insured);

5. In this case, the product will be made available to the customer for its return and canceling the request for withdrawal;

6. Tabaccheria Corti does not respond in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments;

4.Tabaccheria Courts will refund the customer with the full amount already paid, within 30 days from the reception of goods, by transfer of the amount charged to your credit card or by bank transfer. In the latter case, the Buyer shall provide bank accounts details in order to obtain the refund (Cod. ABI - CAB - Current Account and the accountholder of the invoice).

5. The right of withdrawal is lost for lack of the essential integrity of the property (packaging and / or its contents), in cases where Tabaccheria Corti assesses that:

1. The lack of the outer pacakge and / or the wrapper containing the purchased product;

2. The product is damaged for causes not related with transport. In case of decadence of the right of withdrawal, Tabaccheria Corti will return to the customer the purchased property by charging the same shipping costs.

7. At each sale will be attached an invoice, then you need to provide while ordering the tax code, in the case of a physical person or VAT number in case of company.



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